I will be maintaining pages for staff of PHS, but individual class member pages will be maintained by someone else.

Here is how it works:

I will create a link from the main page to (for example) the Class of 1988 Facebook Page, web page, or whatever else someone from that class is willing to maintain. I tried to do it all, and was quickly overwhelmed.

Once you get to that page, you can search for people on the Class Page. IF SOMEONE HAS NOT YET CREATED A PAGE (or told me about it) I will have a few members from the class listed (as they are available to me) with the hopes that someone from that class will step up and do this important task.

To search for teachers, bus drivers, administrators, etc., you can use quotes – for example “Todd Milner” – If you enter ANY search criteria with quotes, it will bring back EXACT matches. If you just enter Todd Milner, it will bring back every person named Todd and every person named Milner. What a mess. If you enter Milner, it will bring back a list of Milners.

Robert Andrews