Class of 2022

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Marion Pleasant High School
PHS Class of 2022
The Graduating Classes
of the New Millennium are on their own.
I am getting old, and I am getting tired!

Because of the possibility of some
of this Graduating Class to be under-age
I wlll NOT be listing links for this class

I will be listing maybe as many as five
people from this Graduating Class here
in the future. If you are from this class
and have a good relationship with your
computer, consider making a hub for your
Graduating Class. As you grow older,
you will find yourselves drifting apart,
but you have made friends that you will
want to stay in touch with for many years.

If you want to take on this project during
your Junior or Senior year, and would like
server space or direction, please feel free to
contact me. Contact with all people contacting me
from this class will coordinated with your parent,
so that will be one of the first things that I ask for.
The Coordinator

Robert Andrews – PHS Class of 1 9 7 5

Use the space below to leave contact information
if you are from this Graduating Class.
Please note: Comments left below WILL NOT be published
to the web site, only used for contact information.

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