Class of 2005

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Marion Pleasant High School
PHS Class of 2005
The Graduating Classes
of the New Millennium are on their own.
I am getting old, and I am getting tired!
I will be listing maybe as many as five
people from this Graduating Class
in the near future, but I am hoping
that one of you will take it upon yourself
to set up a Facebook Page or something similar
for your Graduating Class.
If you do such a project, please let me know,
and I will be glad to list it on these pages.
This class site is currently under limited support.
If you would like to be webmaster for this Class,
we will provide web space and a logon for you.
If you are interested, write to me: The Coordinator

Robert Andrews – PHS Class of 1 9 7 5

Use the space below to leave contact information
if you are from this Graduating Class.

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