Class of 1983

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If we have heard nothing about a classmate, only a link to their last available photo exists; otherwise if there is any info whatsoever, click any photo for another view, or the punctuation mark for an update on this classmate.
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A side note that might interest you.
Susan Almendinger
Facebook Page
Kurt Armstrong
Kevin Askew
Chris Ballinger
Dave Barrett

Facebook Page
Lori (Borders) Euans

Facebook Page
Tim Brady
Linda Brammer
Joe Bratton

Facebook Page
Jack Brown
Jon Bull
Bob Calaway
Brad Campbell
Charles Carper
Mike Cerny
Anne Clarke
Lori Click
Doug Combs

Facebook Page
Chris Conkle
James Coulson
Connie Cull
Lisa Daniel
Mike Daniels
John Davis
Kathleen Davis
Roger Dominy
Melissa (Eckard) Reed
Scott Endicott
Debi Farst-Goodin

Facebook Page
Steve Freeman
Tim Freeman
Mark Getsay
Marten Granger
Laura Grover
Dan Haas
Laura Halbert
David Hale
Patricia Hardy
Laura Harper
Brian Harty
Sue Heflick
Lisa Hickman
Sheryl Hirneise
Brett Holzwart
Todd Huffman

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Carole Hypes
Cherri James
Candy Jaynes
Joann (Kegelmeyer) Dible

Facebook Page
Karla Kelley
Randy Kiger
Karen Knachel
Kelly Knappenberger
David Knaul
Scott Lamb
Dennis Landon
Ron Lane
Doug Lehner
John Lightner
Allen (Ed) Mack
Yvonne Mann
Gary Martin
Doug Miers
Vicki Moderwell
Andy Mueller
Max Myers
Maria Needels
Laura Neidhart
Brian Newell
Bill Obenour
Tammy Osborne
John R. Parish

Facebook Page
Larry Peacock
Julie Peless
Deanna Pierce
Scott Piper
Jeff Prater
Tom Price
Steve Radebaugh
Tom Ray
Leslie Ribet
Rich Riley
Robin Roberts
Vicki Rostorfer
Ted Rowland
Rod Rupp
Gary Sabel
Carlos Sanguino
Mike Seiter
Mike Shaffer
Scott Short
Brent Skinner
Kris Soltis
Michele (Steele) Cupp
Facebook Page
Kathy (Sullivan) Disanto
Ed Szczepanski
Diane Thompson
Joe Thompson
Larry Thompson
Scott Timmons
Bob Waddell
Keith Ward
Facebook PageThanks to Keith for forwarding copies of Senior class photos.
Beverly Weber
Ernie Weber
Sandy Welch
Donnie Wheeler
Jim Williams
Joe Williams
Doug Withrow
* Indicates a classmate who attended in 1981, 82 or 83, but for whatever reason may not have finished the year at Pleasant.


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