Class of 1976

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Marion Pleasant High School
PHS Class of 1976

Use the space below to leave contact information
if you are from this Graduating Class.


A side note that might interest you.
Austin, Phil
Ballinger, Kirk
Bell, Bryon
Below, Don
Bishop, Clyde
Blashinsky, Diane
Bowman, Jeff
Brady, Joe
Branch, Lisa
Bryant, Jeff
Campbell, Ken
Castle, Bob
Caudill, Deb
Chappell, Dave
Cheetham, Dave
Conley, Deb
Cooper, Rick
Cornelius, Eismet
Cramer, Jackie
Cumbie, Richard
Decker, Carolyn

Carolyn’s Facebook
Dowell, Scott
Dutton, Carl
Figerell, Lisa
Figerell, Tina
Flesch, Mark

Mark’s Facebook
I need a clear photo and more info before I can post any more.
George, Jill
Green, Linda
Gurr, Jill
Hagerty, Bob
Haines, Lisa
Hatcher, Judi
Hunt, Jane
Isom, Steve
Jesse, Jill
Jewell, Ron
Johnson, Rhonda
Johnson, Rod
Keller, Terry
Kelley, John
Kielmeyer, Karen
(Kielmeyer) Rohr, Karen

Karen’s Facebook
Kimmel, Jeff
Knappenburger, Dan
Krist, Mark
Landon, Pat
Lantz, Vickie
Lastrapes, Dave

Dave’s Facebook
Lawrence, George
Long, Doug
Lytle, Jim
Lytle, Linda
McClenathan, Kim
McKee, Marilyn
Martin, Phillis
Mayes, Patti
Millisor, Peggy
Mitchell, Terry
Narance, Dave
Naseman, Bill
Neal, Holly
Noggle, Janis
Norris, Debbie
Orr, Diana
Pershing, Dennis
Pickett, Jeff
(Pierce) Miller, Kim

Kim’s Facebook
Rech, Ron
Rice, Debbie
Roe, Rick
Rick’s Facebook
Rush, Susan
Susan’s Facebook
Ruth, Rosemary
Rutherford, Tammy
Scheitler, Cathy
Seiter, Diane
Seiter, John
Shriver, Mark
Stevens, Kieth
Thomas, Martin
Wearn, Jim
Weichental, Sue
Weigler, Jane
Zachman, Lee Ann
* Indicates a classmate who attended in 1974, 75 or 76, but for whatever reason may not have finished the year at Pleasant.

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