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1975 Class Roster

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Graduating Class of 1975 Robert Bruce Andrews * Greg K. Arter Michael W. Austin Paul E. Barnhouse Kent E. Baumgartner Bryan Keith Beach Debra R. Behner ** Karen Blue Edward Paul Brandt Tracy L. Bryant Keith Leroy Burley James Edward Castle Mary Kay Chaffin Bradley K. Clark Ellen Marie Clarke Cynthia Lee Clinger Gregory Keith […]

Class of 1977

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Andrews, Steve Armentrout, Wade Arter, Lisa Bailey, Lori Barnes, Kim Beatty, Jeff Beers, Jay Behner, Ralph (Birchfield) – Ray, Lynn Blank-Kulkofsky, Linda Boblenz, Debbie Bollinger, Randy Bondor, Suzy Botts, Brett Boyd, Cheryl Brady, Agnes Brandt, Jennifer Brennan, Mike Brewer, Marc Buell, Susan Bull, Joe Campbell, Brad Castle, Dianna Cellar, Patty Clark, Joe Coldren, Jim Coldren, […]

Class of 1973

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Acker, Debbie Boyd, Mark (Brady) Smith, Nancy Brandt, Kevin Burley, Lee Ann Chappell, Chris Cheetham, Kathy Cheetham, Larry Cheney, Dave Cleveland, Randy (Cochran) Davol, Anita Dunbar, Sue Duprey, Jeff Elsey, Ted Fetter, Sandy Figerell, Kathy Ford, John Fritz, John Goyer, Jan Granger, Jeff Gray, Cheryl Griesbach, Diane Guy, Greg Haines, Dan Harbin, Dick Hendershot, Mike […]

Class of 1975

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The Class of 1975 has our own Facebook page. Thanks to FB Gurus: Sheila Jaynes, Kathy Walston Laird, Ellen Clarke-Turner, Christy Rogers, Deb Behner Kirk for being the point people on this project. VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE 1975 CLASS ROSTER – 10 Year Reunion – 15 Year Reunion – 20 Year Reunion – 35 Year […]