Marion Pleasant High School, Then and Now

PHS Class of 1979
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Class list as provided by Kelly Jean McEntee
Class List
Kimberly S Allen
Jeffrey Alan Armentrout
Ellen Dawn Ballinger (now Hough)
Carol Susan Barnes (now Nealley)
David Lowell Beatty
Ruth Ellen Bell
Thomas Edward Bentley
John B Bishop
Karen Jane Blashinsky (now Rowe) FACEBOOK
Rebecca Lee Boblenz (now Podlasiak) FACEBOOK
Patricia Diane Bosh
Christopher Michael Brady
Perry G Brandt
Cheryl Lynn Caprino (now Barlow)
Susan Dawn Carothers
Peter Walter Chango
An-Yu Chen
Raymond Michael Clarke
Kristi Lu Cleveland (now Benson)
Nancy Kay Conkle (now Armstrong)
Bobby Neil Conley
Lori Elaine Cozad (now Cook) FACEBOOK
Rhonda L Crowe
Patricia Lynne Cumbie (now Hiatt-Peer)
Matthew Gregory Curren
Lee Edward Dominy
Vickey Lynne Dotson
** Bradley M Dowell FACEBOOK
Michelle Ann Doyle (now Messner)
Randy William Duncan FACEBOOK
James E Duprey
Beth Ann Dutcher
Darla Sue Dutt
Jeffrey A Dutton
Tina Rae Eager (now Rodenberger)
Darrell S Elliott FACEBOOK
James C Fennell
Clara Marie Figerell (now Osterhage) FACEBOOK
Judith Ann Fitch
Randall E Fosnaugh
Kelly Lynn Franklin
Gretchen Louise Geckle (now Brooks)
Karen Lynn Geiger (now Skinner)
Roger Richard Geiger
Dawn M Glassmeyer
Rosemary L Gleason
Kelly Andrew Granger
Michael LeMoyne Granger
Jeffrey D Hale
Michael D Hall
Timothy D Harbin
John R Hart
Joseph B Hawthorne
Donna Ellen Haynes (now Johnson) FACEBOOK
Michael W Hensel
Deborah Sue Hoffman
Jana Lynn Holbrook (now VonDach) FACEBOOK
Justin L Howard
Vernon L Hudkins
Katherine J Hunt
Curtis G Johnson
Linda S Johnson
Mark Raymond Kegelmeyer
Donald B Keller
Ronald A Keller
Brian S Knaul
Teri Jo Leeper
Rebecca B Long
Judy A Long
Robert C Mack
Kelvin Marshall
Michael R McCloud
James L McCollough
Dawn K McCurdy (now Mathey)
** Kelly Jean McEntee
Dale C McKee
Brenda Diane McNeil
The list to the left and below are the names of classmates provided by Kelly Jean McEntee, that she typed up from the Graduation Announcement.

If you did not graduate with the other students on the list, please note that YOU ARE STILL WELCOMED HERE. This IS NOT a web page... it is a web site for classmates and friends.

There are many reasons that people leave a school prior to graduation, but these are people that you had cared about, and who had cared about you. It's only fitting that you get the opportunity to meet again, and catch up on what has been happening in your life.

** Indicates that info and photos for that person are detailed above.

*** Indicates a classmate that is now deceased. If anybody has a recent photo of them, please send it to me at


You will probably be creating some sort of Word Document with class photos next to the names. PLEASE send me this document when it has been completed, so that I can associate class photos along with the names shown to the left.

At that time, I will discontinue use of the grade school photos (which are currently the ONLY photo that I have of your class.)

Class List: Continued

*** Margo Jan Micheli
George P Mills
Sue Ann Naher
Michael Emerson Nealley FACEBOOK
Christopher Neidig
James W Oliphant
Maria Isabel Palacios
Paula Jill Pershing
*** Don Alan Prater
*** Kevin Raquet
Paula Marie Reiff (now Haberman)
Lori A Riemer
Janie Lynn Riley
Cheryl L Rodenberger (now Bayles) FACEBOOK
Robin Lynn Roush
Jeffrey Alton Rupp
Jay C Seiter
Jodie L Shafer
Harold Scott Short
Susan Lynn Short (now Snyder) FACEBOOK
Patricia A Shuster
Jeffrey D Stegeman
John Eric Stickdorn
Michael Dean Stoneburner
Timothy M Stoner
Charlene L Terry (now Riley)
*** Susan L Tidd
Dennis Dean Tobin
Thad Turner
Connie Jane Vargo
Louis John Vargo
Murray Keith Verity
Kevin Lee Wade
Alicia A Ward
Teresa L Ward
** John Raymond Wargowsky FACEBOOK
Thomas D Weeks
Christina S Wilcox
Sharon K Wilson (now Caldwell)
B Keith Woerlein
Diana L Wright (now Smedley)
Willis D Wright
Sandra Ellen Wulff
LeRoy Daniel Zachman
Tammy Dee Zachman