Jim Coldren


Residence: Roswell, Georgia

Married: Yes

Children: 2 boy(s) / 0 girl(s)

Email Address: jimcoldren@bellsouth.net

Occupation: Elementary Physical Education

College: The Ohio State University

College degree: B.S. in Education

Goals for the Future: Stay healthy

Spouse Alumni: No

Spouse Name: Donna

Internet Stuff: eMail, Facebook

Activities I participated in: Football and baseball

Favorite high school memory: Playing football for Don Kay. History teacher William T. Smith

What I've done since high school: Graduated from Ohio State Teaching in the Atlanta Public Schools 23+ years

Favorite Teacher: Mr. William T. Smith - he enjoyed what he did. Also Mr. Kyle - very smart and patient. Coach Kay - he was Pleasant - you needed someone like him to make you work hard.

Favorite Memory: Senior year in football - won the NCC despite losing our last game. Funny thing is that Coach Kay told us not to believe what we read in the paper - he was setting up River Valley - our first game of the season. We won.

Truth Must Be Told: I wasn't really into school... just did enought to get by. Now I am starting my 25th year of teaching and coaching.

Bad Stuff in My Life: Negative people and when Ohio State loses in football.

Good Stuff in My Life: My family, my parents, and Ohio State Football

Things I would have done differently: Studied a little more - focused on what I needed to get done.

Worst Memory: Senior year in baseball.

Funniest Short Joke: North till you smell it, and west till you step in it. Michigan

Looking For: All the guys I played football with as a senior - would be nice to get together for a reunion.