Marion Pleasant High School, Then and Now

PHS Class of 1977
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Andrews, Steve
Last photo with my father
Steve's Facebook
Armentrout, Wade
Arter, Lisa
Bailey, Lori
Barnes, Kim
Beatty, Jeff
Married to Marlys Michael - Class of 1978
Beers, Jay
Behner, Ralph
(Birchfield) - Ray, Lynn
Blank-Kulkofsky, Linda
Boblenz, Debbie
Bollinger, Randy
Bondor, Suzy
Botts, Brett
Boyd, Cheryl
Brady, Agnes
Brandt, Jennifer
Brennan, Mike
Brewer, Marc
Buell, Susan
Bull, Joe
Campbell, Brad
Castle, Dianna
Cellar, Patty
Clark, Joe
Coldren, Jim
Coldren, Jim
Jim's Facebook
(Cook) Murley, Connie
Cooper, Randy
Cornelius, Aaron
Cornelius, Doug
Cozad, Lea Anna
Cumbie, Kevin
Cunningham, Mike
Daum, Jeff
Denman, Steve
Deskins, Janet
Dowler, Cathy
Dunbar, Tim
Dutt, Mike
Elliott, Onda
Elasser, Linda
Endicott, Steve
Evans, Doug
Exley, Alan
Ferriman, Dave
Files, Tracy
Flach, Mary Ann
Ford, Leslie
Freshour, Sue
Frye, Dale
Garey, Steve
Granger, Marty
Griffin, Jeff
Haas, Rich
Hale, Richard
Hart, Debi
Debi's Facebook - Picasa Family Album
Hatcher, Jeri
Hinaman, Jeff
Huddle, Lori
Hunt, Randy
Hunter, Anita
Jaynes, Bill
Jaynes, Bill
Bill's Facebook
Johnson, Matt
Johnson, Ron
Kantzer, Jeff
Kegelmeyer, Jim
Kildow, Mark
King, Patty
Kirby, Mindy
Knuckles, Bill
Kulhofsky, Linda
Lane, Bill
Lastrapes, Tim
Leeper, Pam
Lenhart, Molly
Lichtenberger, Chris
Lill, Sonna
Long, Laura
Lytle, Tom
McClain, Mark
McDaniel, John W. *
John's Facebook - Tsfr to Harding
McLain, Kathy
McNeil, Dan
McNeil, Don
Meade, Randy
Michelle, Michell
Morbitt, Katrina
Moss, Sue
Muether, Jay
Narance, Merritt
Naseman, Barb
Nelson, Brenda
Orwig, Lorrel
Parish, Teri
Patterson, Kathy
Porterfield, Lori
Prater, Nancy
Pry, Kim
(Raquet) Sparkman, Susan DDS *
A fun photo.
Oakwell Dental
Rhoades, Kevin
(Roberts) Schelb, Robin
Robin's Facebook
Rodgers, Vickie
Rollison, Jeff
Rollison, Rex
(Ross) Decker, Lisa
Lisa's Facebook
Married to Jack Decker, Class of '75
Also host of Class of 1975 35th Year Class Reunion
Ruby, Ron
Ruby, Dorothy
Rutherford, Donna
Scheitler, Debbie
Schmidt, Todd
Schrote, Tom
Sharp, Ron
Sharp, Vickie
Spencer, Laura
Spencer, Lisa
Stevens, Theresa
Stoner, Tom
Thackery, Lori
Thieken, Tina
Thomas, Connie
Utley, Karen
Watts, Marden
Wearn, Suzann
Weber, Bob
Weber, Vicki
Weeks, Mike
Wood, Don
Wright, Jim
Yake, Colleen
Yates, Teresa
Young, Teresa
* Indicates a classmate who attended in 1975, 76 or 77, but for whatever reason may not have finished the year at Pleasant.
PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONNAIREand get your very own red question mark!