Marion Pleasant High School, Then and Now

PHS Class of 1975
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Andrews, Bob
Robert's Facebook
Webmaster for
Arter, Greg
Austin, Mike
Barnhouse, Paul
Baumgartner, Kent
Beach, Bryon
(Behner) Kirk, Debbie
Facebook Page
Black, Paul (PJ) *
Paul's Facebook Page
Blue, Karen
Bowers, DeLea *
Brandt, Eddie
Bryan, David *
Bryant, Tracy
Burley, Keith
Keith's Facebook
Carico, Rick *
Castle, Jim
Jim's Facebook Page
Cellar, John *
Chaffin, Mary
Clark, Brad
Clark, Ellen
Clinger, Cindy
Coble, Greg
Couts, Mike
Mike's Project: Marske Flying Wings
Crabtree, Brenda *
Creager, Lisa
Cusick, Jean
Davis, Bob *
Davis, Ewanda *
Decker, Jack
Jack's Facebook
Married to Lisa Ross, Class of 77
Also host of Class of 1975 35th Year Class Reunion
(DeLauder) Martin, Paula
Paula's Facebook
(Dripps) Roberts, Becky
Becky's Facebook
Evans, Dan
Facebook Page
Exley, Aaron
Facebook Page
Fetter, Wyatt
Fields, Nancy
Flesch, Steve
Flickinger, Mike
Ford, Dane
Fosnaugh, Nancy *
Frank, Mike
Fridley, Becky
Gates, Julie *
Gleason, Kathy
Granger, Terry
Griffith, Mike
Grubb, Linda
Gurr, Fred
Fred's Facebook
Married to Sheila Jaynes Class of 75.
Guy, Lynn
Haas, Terri
Hall, Debbie
Hartley, Jerry
Harvey, Scott
Hoch, Kevin
Holsinger, Jim
Hoch, Kevin
Houseworth, Jackie
Huesmann, Louis
This MIGHT be Louis Huesmann. Currently pastor at
Grace Brethren Church in Long Beach.
I've sent an eMail, but have not yet heard back.
(Huff) Cowen, Mindy
Mindy's Facebook
(Jaynes) Gurr, Sheila
Sheila's Facebook.   In this photo she's cut her hair off to help make wigs for cancer survivors.
Married to Fred Gurr, Class of 75.
Jerew, Dan
Jesse, Dann
Johnson, Linda *
Jones, Leeann/Larry
Larry is shown on, but not in the yearbook.
Justice, Bennie
King, Pam *
Kirby, Mark
Kremer, Eric
Lane, Terry *
Lawson, Doug
Lill, Rob
Country Caterers
Makers of Riverside Homemade Ice Cream
Linder, Dianne
Linn, Donald
Don's Facebook
Long, Jim
Lowe, Cleave *
(Lust) Miley, Lynne
Manns, Charlene *
McIlvaine, Keim
McKnight, Tim
Medaugh, Paul *
Messenger, Jan
Michael, Tim
Tim's Facebook
Miller, Sherry *
Mills, Kelly
Kelly's Facebook
Moore, Dan *
Myers, Pam
Nash, Gail
Neidhart, John *
Osborne, Mike *
Eugenia (Parker) Johnson
Eugenia's Facebook
Parsons, Donna *
Pierce, Don
Pryor, Alan *
Quail, Ron
Randsom, Randy
Rasey, Mary
Reiff, Bob
Roberts, Wanda *
Roe, Mitch
Rogers, Christy
Christy's Facebook
Cristy is one of the contacts for this PHS web site.
Rollison, Joy
Roof, Dave *
Sansotta, Nick
Saums, Ned *
Schols, Kim
There are two separate spellings in the yearbook. Is this Kim Schols or Scholz ?
Scott, Carolyn *
(Sears) Styer, Deb
Debbie's Facebook
(Sellers) Nicolosi, Mindy
Seward, Jim
Sharp, Don
Sharp, Tammie *
Shock, Mary
Siegley, Carol
Sims, Gary
Sinden, Bill
Bill's Facebook - Some photos by Bill
Southward, Tom *
Temple, James *
Thieken, Tim
Thomas, Danny *
Thomas, Sandy
Thompson, Debbie
Turner, Kim *
Turner, Robin
Robin's Facebook
Unland, Renee
Vance, Bill
(Walston) Laird, Kathy
Kathy's Facebook
Watts, Kerby
Is it Kerby or Kirby ?!?
Weir, Graham *
Westfall, Sheri *
Sheri's Facebook
Whiteman, Mike
Whiting, Cindy *
Williams, Debbie
Wine, Ron
Yake, Craig
Yates, Debbie *
* Indicates a classmate who attended in 1973, 74 or 75, but for whatever reason may not have finished the year at Pleasant.
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